I’m taking the Veganuary challenge


Instead of making a bunch of resolutions for the new year that I may or may not keep, I’ve decided to simplify things. From January 1 – January 31, 2015, I’m taking the vegan pledge and participating in Veganuary. For those 31 days, I won’t be consuming any animal products in my diet.

Here’s my motivation:

1. Curiosity: What’s it like to live for a month like a vegan? What will I eat? How will it make me feel? Will I become more conscious of what I’m putting in my body? Is it something I could sustain?

2. The environment:

  • saving water
  • protecting nature, wildlife and natural habitats
  • reducing pollution
  • saving energy

3. Nutrition and well-being: Plant-based diets are receiving increased coverage in health and wellness studies and I’m eager to see how my body reacts.

4. It’s a new challenge: As someone who loves trying new ingredients and being innovative in the kitchen, a month of veganism presents a wealth of exciting recipes to explore. I’m looking forward to discovering some new food blogs and cookbooks during this process!

5. To try some of the best veg-friendly eating establishments that Toronto has to offer, and blog about it.

I’ve only got six weeks left of omnivorism, so here goes! Feel free to post any tips.




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