There are other options: say no to Taco Bell

An up-close view Wilbur's vegetarian taco offerings: mushroom and grilled avocado

Torontonians who complain that you have to go south of the border for good Mexican food need to look in their own backyard. A decade ago, the city’s Mexican restaurant scene was lacking but some truly innovative taco joints have popped up in recent years.

My current west-end favourites include The Mad Mexican (three tacos for $10) and Playa Cabana Cantina (more expensive, but their tequila-based cocktails are to die for). I have yet to eat at Grand Electric, but it’s high on my list of places to try.

Last night, I visited King West’s newest taco restaurant, Wilbur Mexicana. This casual sit-down or take-out-friendly establishment had a constant lineup with good reason. Opened just one week ago, Wilbur serves up burritos, fajitas, quesadillas and of course, tacos for $3.75 each and served with fresh tortilla chips.

Wanting to sample as much as possible, we ordered all seven tacos to share. Varieties included Beef Bulgogi, Grilled Avocado with Pineapple Salsa and Beer-battered Baja Fish. With a self-serve homemade salsa bar and dozens of jarred hot sauce to sample, Wilbur allows customers to adjust their own spice level from mild to medium to “slap my a** and call me Sally.” I gravitated to the milder end of the spice spectrum but may work up my courage to try the ghost pepper salsa one day.

At Wilbur, the ambiance is lively, the food is brimming with flavour and the cans of Tecate are ice-cold. My only comment is that the food could have been a little hotter (and we really could have used wet naps), but I’d definitely go back to taste some more menu items and explore the salsa bar a little further.

How spicy do you like it? The choice is yours.
How spicy do you like it? The choice is yours.

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