Food Truck Fest Ontario a Success

The infamous Sloth Burger
The infamous Sloth Burger
Burgatory’s food truck
Burgatory's menu
Burgatory’s menu

Last Sunday, Toronto hosted the first Food Truck Fest Ontario. Backed by CraveTO, the Ontario Place event boasted over 20 food trucks from across the province. Established favourites like Buster’s Sea Cove attended, along with newcomers.

When I arrived mid-afternoon, the lineup just to get in was long. Cheery volunteers chatted with the crowd as we passed through security. $10 granted entry to the grounds, where we had access to the food trucks, promotional booths (Excel and Indie88) as well as carnival-style games.

Scouring the site, I couldn’t decide where to start. Kai and Mooy, the Somalian-inspired food truck? Localista for fresh eats with GTA-sourced ingredients? Or Bacon Nation for the name alone?

I settled on lunch from Burgatory, a truck featuring gourmet burgers named after the seven deadly sins. I placed my order for The Sloth and bought a fresh lemonade while my burger cooked.

In six-and-a-half minutes, patty perfection was in my hands. Delicately seasoned, the beef was juicy and tender. Topped with tomato, lettuce, “sloth sauce”, creamy Velveeta cheese, and Hickory Sticks for crunch, it was flawless, and required a fork.

I rounded out my meal with pumpkin gelato, but was tempted by other trendy flavours like caramel fleur-de-sel and pomegranate cherry.

Though the event could have used more seating and entertainment, the festival was a great way to bring the province’s most influential food trucks together. In a city where most attempts at building a food truck community have floundered, this event was much needed.

On my way out, laziness overtook me and I sat on some rocks by the water for a while. I guess my Sloth Burger must have kicked in.


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